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Astride Capital is a real estate syndication firm that acquires and rejuvenates workforce housing assets in growth markets.


We believe in investing in our local market to unlock the value of workforce affordability. By revitalizing neglected vintage apartments and improving quality of living, Astride Capital generates superior risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Strategy

Astride Capital capitalizes on the scarce supply of vintage properties, arising from the expensive nature of new construction, coupled with increasing demand for workforce affordable housing. Our strategy involves acquiring vintage apartment buildings at a >45% discount to new, and investing in community to create value.


We utilize AI technology and real estate experts to identify and evaluate underperforming lower middle market properties. This approach enables us to uncover hidden gems that are often overlooked by leading commercial real estate data aggregators.

Investment Criteria

  • Asset Class: Multifamily
  • Target Size: $5-25 million
  • Locations: Carolinas
  • IRR: +16%

Our story

Astride Capital was founded with the mission of meeting a need for high-quality affordable living spaces in desirable markets - while generating superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Having put our capital on the line to validate our lower middle market strategy, and achieving a 2.3x return on invested capital within just one year, we expanded our holdings by acquiring a vintage residential complex in Charlotte, NC that was neglected. Under our leadership, the property has increased avg. long-term rent rate by 25% in the first year and improved quality of living for tenants.

Driven by financial and technological savvy, the firm balances tech-enabled enterprise capabilities with small business agility to do more with less - we are scrappy, sophisticated on a mission to dominate the lower middle market segment.

"To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients' best interests first. Raph's professionalism and dedication to his craft has led me on a journey to financial freedom."

- Amandeep (Investor)

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We embody values that drive our decisions and actions.

Through these values, we carefully choose investments that reflect our ethos.

As stewards of progress, we aim to generate enduring value for both our investors and the communities we impact.

Core Values:

  • Discipline - guides our focus
  • Integrity - ensures our honesty
  • Accountability - defines our commitment to results
  • Teamwork - fuels us
  • Candor - shapes our communication
  • Community - is at our heart
Yes. For rental properties, 100% of the property’s depreciation expense will pass through to investors based on their respective ownership percentages.